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CoreWeave Named to USA Today's '2024 Top Workplaces'

CoreWeave Named to USA Today's '2024 Top Workplaces'

We are very proud to announce that CoreWeave has been named one of USA Today’s 'Top Workplaces for 2024'. Every year, companies of all sizes across the United States are evaluated based on the quality of their culture and the happiness of their employees. In the cloud computing industry, the day-to-day discourse is often dominated by investments in hardware, software and infrastructure, but this award speaks to the investment that CoreWeave has made in its employees. Though the company has grown from a team of three in 2017 to over 400 in 2024, CoreWeave has remained one cohesive unit, working passionately every day to build the cloud of the future.

CoreWeave Culture Badges

In addition to making the 2024 list for ‘Top Workplaces’, CoreWeave placed in the highest quartile for Innovation, Company Direction and Meaningful Work in 2023 (Courtesy of Energage).

These three badges tell the story of the mission here at CoreWeave: we are building something that no one has ever attempted before, at a speed and scale that is unprecedented, in an industry that is shaping the future of our world. If you joined CoreWeave over the last seven years, it is because you are a problem-solver, an innovator. CoreWeave has assembled a team of individuals who love what they do, even if what they are doing is constantly changing with the pace of technology. Though the company and the industry have evolved, the dedication to success across the organization has remained the same.

The CoreWeave Crew is growing every day, and that won't be stopping anytime soon. If you're interested in joining the team, check out the careers page on our website to apply to one of the many available positions:

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