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CoreWeave Cloud Platform offers affordable and scalable machine learning on NVIDIA GPUs

Machine learning is the most important platform of the next decade.  We believe that data scientists and developers deserve access to the compute to power this platform at affordable rates.  Without the need for free credits.  

CoreWeave's unique pricing mechanism allows for benchmark-specific pricing.  Users may choose to lease hardware based on industry-accepted benchmarks, or simply lease specific GPU clusters. 

Kubernete namespace and shell access are available for the CoreWeave Cloud Platform.

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Affordable Benchmark-Specific Pricing For Your Product

Benchmark images per dollar.  Simple pricing.  Presented with estimated competitor rates.

GPU-Specific Hourly Rates

Ditch the free credits and grow your product with scalable, affordable economics.


Access to the CoreWeave Cloud Platform is offered via two methods

  • Kubernetes Engine

  • Shell/Bare Metal


The CoreWeave Cloud is backed by over 40,000 GPUs in 7 U.S. based datacenters.  No matter your product size, we will be able to meet the demand.


Our facility adheres to the highest standards of security and compliance. Biometric access, 24/7 on-site security and surveillance, and locked down gate and entry access. SSAE-18 SOC I Type II certified, HIPPA and PCI Compliant as well as OIX-2 Certified. View OIX-2 Certification.