Batch Compute

Confidently scale into your batch processing workloads with unparalleled scale, whenever you need it.

Unparalleled Scale

On-demand access to CoreWeave Cloud’s fleet of over 45,000 GPUs means you can access the scale you need, when you need it, with the headroom to burst as far as your projects can take you.

“Right Size” Your Workloads

With the industry’s largest range of GPU types, and a commitment to onboarding the latest technology, you’ll always have access to the right compute for your workloads at CoreWeave.

On Demand Billing at the Best Economics

Simple, on-demand billing at the industry’s best economics, coupled with an infrastructure optimized for cost efficiency, means that you can scale your workloads confidently.

Direct Kubernetes Access

We built CoreWeave Cloud with engineers in mind. Designed to help you realize the benefits of bare-metal without the headache of managing infrastructure, over 45,000 GPUs are accessible by deploying containerized workloads via Kubernetes.

  • Get fine grained control of your compute resources.
  • Leverage open-source workflow engines like Argo Workflows.
  • Build on top of CoreWeave’s storage infrastructure, or connect to your own.

Dead Simple Set-up.

CoreWeave is tailored for containerized workloads deployed via Kubernetes. Our Getting Started guide is designed to remove complexity, so you can get set-up and launch your projects quickly. Need help? No problem, we’re here.

  • Take the complexity of running a Kubernetes cluster out of the equation, we do it for you.
  • Lean on the global open-source community building tools and plugins for Kubernetes.
  • Go from zero to thousands of GPUs in a heart-beat. No on-prem capex required.

Expertise & Support

Consider our engineers as an extension of your team, providing DevOps experience to help you optimize your workloads. We’ll work with you to understand the compute requirements of your projects and lend our expertise to ensure that you’re set-up to access a high-performing and low-cost cloud infrastructure whenever you need it.

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