Rendering in the Cloud Just Got Better —and Faster.

Conductor on CoreWeave provides the performance and flexibility to render more shots, shorten runtimes, and shrink costs.

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The Easy Button for Rendering in the Cloud

Conductor is a cloud-based task management application designed for seamless access to a massive scale of cloud rendering resources. Take most pipelines from sign-up to reviewing rendered shots in as little as
30 minutes.

  • Simple deployment

    Get started with less hassle. Conductor requires zero cloud knowledge.

  • Flexible and safe data

    Data is encrypted end-to-end, in transit and at-rest. Plus, there's no egress fees or no long-term agreements to move your data between regions or cloud providers.

  • Near infinite scale

    Like a local render farm, only better. Access CPUs and NVIDIA GPUs without interruption. Conductor will scale to all your cloud rendering and licensing needs.

Accelerate your Team’s Workflows With a Cloud-Based Production Pipeline.

Flexible on-demand artist workstations, virtually unlimited rendering capacity, and network-attached storage so you can iterate faster and hit any client deadline on budget.

  • Modernize your VFX rendering workflows on CoreWeave

    Tap into a virtually unlimited scale of NVIDIA GPUs and CPU compute that are highly optimized for rendering on-demand and at scale.

    • Performant, available GPUs on-demand

    • Spot pricing with on-demand reliability

    • More GPU and compute options
  • Access the industry’s broadest range
    of GPUs

    CoreWeave offers a broader range of more performant NVIDIA GPUs than other major cloud providers, contributing to improved performance, faster runtime, and lower overall costs for rendering on Conductor.

    Choose from 10+ NVIDIA GPU SKUs:

    • NVIDIA L40S (Coming Soon)
    • NVIDIA A6000
    • NVIDIA A40
    • NVIDIA A5000
    • NVIDIA A4000
    • Quadro RTX 5000
    • Quadro RTX 4000
  • Deploy with greater efficiency and speed

    • Better performance from your cloud rendering instances

    • Render more shots with less time waiting for renders
    • Greater cost-savings for your business

Conductor by CoreWeave in action

Perception swings into video game end titles with “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.” Five-and-a-half-minute sequence rendered on the cloud with Conductor - Marvel's Spider-Man 2 for PS5.
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Breaking down Claynosaurz’s unconventional approach to brand-building. 10K NFT collection introduces adorable characters, rendered with Conductor.
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See how performance stacks up when rendering on CoreWeave through Conductor versus rendering on one of the biggest worldwide cloud providers.
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