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CoreWeave Launches Startup Accelerator Program, Democratizing Access to GPU Compute in the Cloud

CoreWeave Launches Startup Accelerator Program, Democratizing Access to GPU Compute in the Cloud

CoreWeave, a specialized cloud provider built for large-scale GPU-accelerated workloads, today announced the launch of its Accelerator Program to democratize access to GPU compute in the cloud.

“We’re excited to be launching the Accelerator Program,” said Brannin McBee, CoreWeave co-founder and chief strategy officer. “Our goal is to support innovative companies that require a heavy investment in compute to solve complex problems and advance technology. We understand how difficult it can be for early-stage startups to access compute capacity on demand and at scale. We want CoreWeave Accelerator Program companies to receive theGPU-accelerated compute resources required to grow and scale their businesses quickly and efficiently. This program reflects the high value CoreWeave places on fostering creativity and innovation.”

Startup companies accepted into the CoreWeave Accelerator Program will join CoreWeave’s vast community of clients, enabling greater visibility for those businesses, and the opportunity to cultivate new connections and partnership opportunities. CoreWeave also will facilitate introductions to top venture-capital firms seeking investment opportunities and new portfolio companies. CoreWeave’s team of support engineers will work hand in hand with accepted companies to ensure product and service deployments are as fast and efficient as possible.

CoreWeave Accelerator companies will receive CoreWeave Cloud credits, plus additional discounts on compute resources. As with all CoreWeave clients, Accelerator companies will have access to CoreWeave’s massive scale of highly available compute resources: more than 10 NVIDIA GPU SKUs — including A100s, A5000s and soon, H100s— on top of the industry’s fastest and most flexible infrastructure.

“CoreWeave’s high-performance compute resources enable us to rapidly iterate our technology that detects human emotion through voice recognition,” said Alexandra Zhuravlyova, founder and CEO of Descriptor.AI, an artificial intelligence startup based in Tel Aviv, Israel, one of the first startups to be accepted to the CoreWeave AcceleratorProgram. The company’s mission is to use the power of AI to instill machines with empathy. “The CoreWeaveAccelerator Program has been invaluable for us. It allows us to deploy the GPU-accelerated workloads we need to grow our business, and the Accelerator team has proven to be a genuine partner and collaborator in our efforts to scale Descriptor.AI.”

The Accelerator Program operates on an open-ended basis, so no deadlines exist for companies looking to apply.CoreWeave encourages applications from innovative, cutting-edge, AI- and machine-learning-focused companies looking to solve complex problems with high-performance compute. AI and machine learning permeate all industries in today’s economy. Advances in those technologies are critical to overcoming the most difficult challenges confronting all sectors. But any company requiring compute-intensive workloads in industries ranging from visual effects and animation to synthetic biology will be considered.

Click here to learn more and apply to the CoreWeave Accelerator Program.

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