CoreWeave is a specialized cloud provider for GPU-accelerated workloads at enterprise scale. 

Our Kubernetes-native infrastructure is purpose-built for compute intensive use cases like machine learning, VFX rendering, Pixel Streaming, and batch processing that’s up to 35x faster and 80% less expensive than legacy cloud providers.

Our Infrastructure At-a-Glance

  • Data centers across
    North America
  • Kubernetes-native
  • Over 10 different
  • Premium networking
    and storage
  • Industry’s best

An NVIDIA Elite Cloud Solutions Provider for Compute and Visualization

NVIDIA is a global powerhouse in accelerated compute solutions, and the inventor of the GPU. NVIDIA sits at the forefront of major innovations in technology, and we’re proud to be the first Elite partner for both Compute and Visualization.

We invest in a broad range of high-end NVIDIA GPUs, including the largest deployment of A40s in North America, to ensure our clients can access the best compute for the complexity of their workloads. In addition, we build our A100 distributed training clusters with a rail-optimized design using NVIDIA Quantum InfiniBand networking and in-network collections using NVIDIA SHARP to deliver the highest distributed training performance possible.

Nvidia, Elite Partner
“CoreWeave is a valued, dedicated partner of NVIDIA. As such, they were named our first Elite Cloud Solutions Provider for Compute in the NVIDIA Partner Network. By offering their clients a tremendously broad range of compute options - from A100s to A40s - at unprecedented scale and their commitment to delivering world-class results in AI, machine learning, visual effects and more. NVIDIA is a proud supporter of CoreWeave.”

Matt McGrigg, Global Director Business Development, Cloud and Strategic Partners
  • The fastest and most flexible infrastructure for high-performance computing

    CoreWeave Cloud is custom-built to deliver the best possible performance for every workload. The industry’s broadest set of high-end NVIDIA GPUs is the foundation of our infrastructure, but everything from our Kubernetes native cloud platform to our networking and server architecture will outperform traditional cloud providers every time. 

  • A cloud solutions provider that encourages scale instead of inhibiting it

    One of our core differentiators is the freedom and power we give our clients to scale up and scale down in seconds. Strict resource quotas and waiting hours for GPUs to spin up is a thing of the past, and we’re always ready to meet demand. When we say you can tap into thousands of GPUs in seconds, we mean it.

  • Industry’s best economics. Period.

    We price compute appropriately, and provide the flexibility for you to configure your instances to meet the requirements of your deployments. With resource-based pricing, you only pay for the resources you use, while you’re using them. Our infrastructure, support structure, and fleet of compute are meticulously designed to help you run as cost effectively as possible.

  • Offering best-in-class support for your team

    Most of our clients view CoreWeave’s team of Support Engineers as an extension of their own, borrowing from our DevOps and Infrastructure expertise to set-up deployments and scale workloads as quickly and efficiently as possible. We deeply value our role in empowering cutting-edge technology to prosper, and helping our clients be successful is our number one priority.

What is a specialized cloud provider?

Since we started building CoreWeave Cloud, our goal has always been to deliver the gold standard of cloud infrastructure for compute intensive workloads. We’re not here to host your Wordpress site; instead, we built a modern cloud that empowers innovators and creators to scale their businesses. 

The most ambitious compute-intensive projects are powered by CoreWeave Cloud

From collaborative open-source projects to accelerating early stage drug discoveries to cutting edge visual content, CoreWeave is proud to deliver fast, flexible compute to companies and communities that are changing the world.