GPU Compute

Access the industry’s broadest selection of high-end NVIDIA GPUs

Highly configurable and highly available. CoreWeave is purpose-built for large-scale GPU-accelerated workloads, served on-demand.

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NVIDIA Elite CSP Partner

NVIDIA Elite CSP Partner for Compute and Visualization

The premier cloud provider for GPU-accelerated workloads

Our core offering is a massive range of NVIDIA GPUs. As a specialized cloud provider, we serve compute that matches the complexity of your workloads, on an infrastructure that empowers you to scale.

  • An unparalleled variety of high-end NVIDIA GPUs.

    With 10+ NVIDIA GPUs curated for compute-intensive use cases, CoreWeave empowers you to “right-size” your workloads for performance and cost.

  • Access to scale, on-demand,
    in real-time.

    Provision the GPUs you need, when you need them. CoreWeave is built for large-scale elastic, real-time consumption…we like big bursts and we cannot lie.

  • The industry’s best economics. Period.

    Configurable instances, transparent pricing, and intuitive billing. The result? Savings up to 80% compared to the generalized cloud providers.

A specialized cloud, for GPU-accelerated workloads

GPUs are advancing AI at unimaginable scale, changing how films and episodic television are created, accelerating breakthroughs in synthetic biology, and powering the Metaverse.

  • GPUs for Model Training

    Tap into our state-of-the-art distributed training clusters

    Our distributed training clusters leverage NVIDIA A100 NVLINK GPUs, paired with NVIDIA Infiniband GPUDirect RDMA networking to power deep learning at scale.  

    Learn more about how CoreWeave's GPU selection and networking architecture accelerate training workloads.

    Best GPUs for Model Training: A100 NVLINK, A40, A6000, V100 NVLINK
    Case Studies: EleutherAI  |   Bit192

    GPUs for Model Training
  • GPUs for Rendering
    GPUs for Rendering

    Render across virtually unlimited scale

    GPU acceleration is taking rendering capabilities to new heights. The world’s most forward-thinking studios rely on CoreWeave Cloud to access the scale and variety of GPUs required to meet any deadline and budget.

    Best GPUs for Rendering: RTX 4000, RTX 5000, A4000, A5000, A40
    Case Studies: Deadline Integration   |   Procedural Space

  • GPUs for Virtual Workstations

    Virtual workstations for graphic-intensive workloads

    With flexibility to switch between hardware configurations in seconds. CoreWeave’s Virtual Workstations accelerate production pipelines and offload the burden of maintaining “on-prem” infrastructure. 

    Best GPUs for Virtual Workstations: RTX 4000, RTX 5000, A4000, A5000, A6000, A40
    Case Studies: Spire Studios  |   Molecule

    GPUs for Virtual Workstations
  • GPUs for Model Serving
    GPUs for Model Serving

    Highly configurable compute with responsive auto-scaling

    No two models are the same, and neither are their compute requirements. With over 10 different NVIDIA GPU SKUs available in customizable configurations, CoreWeave provides the ability to “right-size” inference workloads with economics that encourage scale.

    Best GPUs for Model Serving: A4000, A5000, A6000, A40, A100
    Case Studies: AI Dungeon   |   NovelAI

Consumable in containers or Virtual Servers

Provision the GPUs you need, when you need them, and in the form that makes sense for your workload. Whether they’re containerized or in a Virtual Server, accelerate your workloads with the bare metal performance of NVIDIA GPUs.
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From our clients to our partners, we strive to provide best-in-class solutions to
drive innovation and fast, flexible experiences.

“CoreWeave provides us with virtual workstations that have high-end NVIDIA GPUs. Not just for the individual artists, but also for rendering on the queue as well. If we need to provision hundreds of GPU’s for a long sequence, we are able to do that quickly and easily – and that’s been awesome.”

Rajesh Sharma
VP of Engineering at Spire Animation Studios

“CoreWeave is a valued, dedicated partner of NVIDIA. As such, they were named our first Elite Cloud Solutions Provider for Compute in the NVIDIA Partner Network. By offering their clients a tremendously broad range of compute options - from A100s to A40s - at unprecedented scale and their commitment to delivering world-class results in AI, machine learning, visual effects and more. NVIDIA is a proud supporter of CoreWeave.”

Matt McGrigg
Global Director Business Development, Cloud & Strategic Partners, NVIDIA

“Always having access to GPUs on-demand has been a huge sanity saver. The availability and reliability of CoreWeave’s service allowed us to serve our current models and continuously build and test new ideas.”

Yasu Seno
CEO, Bit192, Inc.

“With my previous platform, I couldn't choose the hardware – I was locked into a Tesla K80. With CoreWeave, I’m less worried about the service scaling up if we do a big marketing campaign or get mentioned by a big influencer, which has given me a lot of confidence and means we can think bigger.”

Angus Russell
Founder, NightCafe

“CoreWeave is an anchor provider of compute infrastructure for our transcoding network. The ability to Right-Size our workloads across CoreWeave’s diverse infrastructure set allows us to substantially reduce our compute costs and pass those savings along to our clients.”

Doug Petkanics
CEO, Livepeer

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