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The GPU Cloud.

CoreWeave is a specialized cloud provider, delivering a massive scale of GPUs on top of the industry’s fastest and most flexible infrastructure.

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CoreWeave Cloud
Modern Infrastructure, Best-in-Class Tech Stack
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CoreWeave Cloud Architecture

A modern, Kubernetes native cloud that’s purpose-built for large scale, GPU-accelerated workloads. Designed with engineers and innovators in mind, CoreWeave offers unparalleled access to a broad range of compute solutions that are up to 35x faster and 80% less expensive than legacy cloud providers.

 Cloud Architecture
Tier 4 Data Centers in
North America

CoreWeave’s Infrastructure

Each component of our infrastructure has been carefully designed to help our clients access the scale and variety of compute they need to create and innovate.

Need GPUs on-demand at scale?


GPU Compute

The industry’s broadest range of NVIDIA GPUs, highly configurable and highly available.

  • Available on demand
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Have a general-purpose compute project?


CPU Compute

Massive scale of CPU-only instances when GPU acceleration isn’t required.

  • Intel Xeon and AMD Epyc
  • Scale in seconds
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Prefer containerized deployments?



Fully managed Kubernetes, delivering the performance of bare-metal without the infrastructure overhead.

  • Spin-up new instances in seconds
  • Responsive auto-scaling across thousands of GPUs
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Need to deploy in Virtual Machines?


Virtual Servers

Easily deploy and manage NVIDIA GPU accelerated and CPU-only Virtual Servers.

  • Linux, Windows or bring your own ISO
  • Out-of-the-box desktop streaming via Teradici and Parsec
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Fed up with inflexible storage?



Distributed and fault tolerant storage, with triple replication, managed separately from compute.

  • Easily resize volumes and scale capacity
  • IOPS and throughput optimized
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Ready for networking that won’t slow you down?



Endless horizontal scaling with routing, switching, firewalling and load-balancing built into the network fabric. And we won’t charge you for egress like the other guys.

  • Built to power HPC workloads with ease
  • Scale to 100Gbps+
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What Others Say

From our clients to our partners, we strive to provide best-in-class solutions to
drive innovation and fast, flexible experiences.

“CoreWeave provides us with virtual workstations that have high-end NVIDIA GPUs. Not just for the individual artists, but also for rendering on the queue as well. If we need to provision hundreds of GPU’s for a long sequence, we are able to do that quickly and easily – and that’s been awesome.”

Rajesh Sharma
VP of Engineering at Spire Animation Studios

“CoreWeave is a valued, dedicated partner of NVIDIA. As such, they were named our first Elite Cloud Solutions Provider for Compute in the NVIDIA Partner Network. By offering their clients a tremendously broad range of compute options - from A100s to A40s - at unprecedented scale and their commitment to delivering world-class results in AI, machine learning, visual effects and more. NVIDIA is a proud supporter of CoreWeave.”

Matt McGrigg
Global Director Business Development, Cloud & Strategic Partners, NVIDIA

“Always having access to GPUs on-demand has been a huge sanity saver. The availability and reliability of CoreWeave’s service allowed us to serve our current models and continuously build and test new ideas.”

Yasu Seno
CEO, Bit192, Inc.

“After a few months of struggling to keep up with demand at mega-cloud prices, we were able to seamlessly move our cloud infrastructure over to CoreWeave. Using CoreWeave’s Inference Optimized V100 instances, our inference latencies dropped by 50% and the cost savings from our partnership allowed us to continue delivering our free-tier experience and substantially reduce our cost-per-user.”

Nick Walton
Founder & CEO of Latitude, the creator of AI Dungeon

“By pairing the NVIDIA Quadro RTX and RTX A6000 GPUs with PCoIP technology from Teradici, artists get access to ultra-low latency, high powered GPU-accelerated Virtual Workstations that allow them to work at ‘human-speed.’ Now, we can tackle projects that in the past, our hardware could have never handled, and our team can truly showcase their talents without being held back by tech restraints.”

Andrew Bly
CEO at Molecule VFX

“CoreWeave’s deployment architecture enables us to scale up extremely fast when there is more demand. We are able to serve requests 3x faster after migrating to CoreWeave, leading to a much better user experience while saving 75% in cloud costs. For the users, this means the generation speeds will never slow down, even when there is peak load.”

Eren Doğan
CEO, NovelAI

“With my previous platform, I couldn't choose the hardware – I was locked into a Tesla K80. With CoreWeave, I’m less worried about the service scaling up if we do a big marketing campaign or get mentioned by a big influencer, which has given me a lot of confidence and means we can think bigger.”

Angus Russell
Founder, NightCafe

“CoreWeave is an anchor provider of compute infrastructure for our transcoding network. The ability to Right-Size our workloads across CoreWeave’s diverse infrastructure set allows us to substantially reduce our compute costs and pass those savings along to our clients.”

Doug Petkanics
CEO, Livepeer

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