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Livepeer: Scaling Batch Processing Workloads With Cost Effective Cloud Infrastructure

Livepeer: Scaling Batch Processing Workloads With Cost Effective Cloud Infrastructure

How a video infrastructure company was able to serve their rapidly growing user-base while maintaining the lowest costs in the industry by Right-Sizing their workloads and reducing their transcoding infrastructure costs by 63%.

Livepeer’s mission is to build the world’s open video infrastructure. Centralized cost structures inhibit the growth of communications, economic opportunity, and entertainment for society.  By using open source software combined with highly distributed and decentralized infrastructure Livepeer is able to deliver a live streaming service to power video streaming applications at a highly affordable price with virtually unlimited scale.

80% of all internet bandwidth is consumed by video streaming.  Video streaming is the highest-impact form of learning and informing.  However, due to the bandwidth requirements of video streaming, this is also a very costly process.  Transcoding is the process of taking these raw files and converting them into device-optimized versions so that the most efficient files are being delivered to consumers.  

Transcoding requires a substantial amount of compute power to generate all of the various file types to deliver to end-users. Monolithic cloud providers make the transcoding process cost-prohibitive for startups.  Working with CoreWeave, Livepeer has been able to reduce the  cost of their compute infrastructure by 63%, enabling them to deliver a high quality, reliable and affordable live streaming service to their clients, leveling the playing-field for startups.  

“CoreWeave is an anchor provider of compute infrastructure for our transcoding network. The ability to Right-Size our workloads across CoreWeave’s diverse infrastructure set allows us to substantially reduce our compute costs and pass those savings along to our clients.”

— Doug Petkanics, CEO


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