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Improving End-to-End VFX Studio Solutions in the Cloud: CoreWeave Acquires Conductor Technologies

Improving End-to-End VFX Studio Solutions in the Cloud: CoreWeave Acquires Conductor Technologies

Simplify access to cloud resources at scale with Conductor Technologies, now part of CoreWeave.

IN Q1 2023, CoreWeave acquired Conductor Technologies, developer of the Conductor cloud-based task management service that simplifies access to cloud resources at scale.

CoreWeave is building the next-generation public cloud, and Conductor’s technology will help further that goal. Conductor, a cloud-based platform, delivers burst rendering solutions to visual effects (VFX) studios while removing friction in the setup process. Through this acquisition, the media and entertainment industry can leverage this seamless cloud rendering platform on top of CoreWeave’s fast, flexible cloud infrastructure with easy-to-use, intuitive workflows for rendering at scale. 

Quick and Easy Access to Burst Rendering in the Cloud

VFX studios today often struggle to access the computing resources they need, especially when pressed with tight timelines and budgets. And as more teams work remotely, studios look to cloud solutions that enable them to render and scale as they need. Even if a studio can access GPUs or CPUs for burst rendering in the cloud, the setup process can be cumbersome and time-consuming. 

Conductor provides the quickest and easiest way to access cloud-based compute resources for rendering at scale and is the only rendering service that can dynamically scale to meet the exact needs of even the largest studios. With a simplified onboarding process and transparent pricing, the platform has helped many studios alleviate rendering pain points in visual effects and animation without costly overhead. Conductor easily integrates into existing workflows, features an open architecture for customization, provides data insights, and can implement controls over usage to ensure budgets and timelines stay on track. 

“You’d be hard-pressed to find a more effective path to accessing cloud-based resources than Conductor. With intuitive orchestration across diverse compute options and application license management, it removes the headaches associated with spinning up cloud resources.” 
— Michael Intrator, CoreWeave CEO

As a result of the acquisition, Conductor customers can continue using the platform with existing accounts and pricing, and users will see increased customer support, accelerated development of new features, and access to more, high-performance compute resources from CoreWeave that enable speed and scale. Users will also be able to leverage CoreWeave’s solutions, which provide more scale, on-demand burst rendering, and responsive auto-scaling out-of-the-box.

“Demand for cloud-based GPU resources to render VFX and animation projects has skyrocketed, while persistent supply chain challenges have hampered access to compute. CoreWeave offers the specialized resources that our customers rely on at scale, expanding options for studios and artists to render work quickly and efficiently... Until now, we’ve focused our development on easing pain points specifically in content production with the artist in mind and are excited to extend Conductor’s functionality to also benefit CoreWeave customers across high-performance compute workloads, including AI and ML.” 
— Mac Moore, CEO at Conductor Technologies

From On-Demand Rendering to a Full Cloud Solution

By acquiring Conductor Technologies, CoreWeave broadens its suite of solutions and capabilities for VFX and animation studios to integrate workloads to the cloud with ease. CoreWeave specializes in building cloud solutions for compute-intensive use cases that are up to 35X faster and 80% less expensive than legacy cloud providers. 

With the broadest range of NVIDIA GPU and CPU available on the market, CoreWeave’s infrastructure can support VFX teams with a range of needs, including those looking to move their on-premise infrastructure to the cloud. VFX studios today leverage CoreWeave to modernize their workflows with flexible on-demand artist workstations, virtually unlimited rendering capacity, and network-attached storage.

Together, Conductor and CoreWeave are able to meet VFX studios where they are—whether they need burst rendering or a unique cloud-based solution—and deliver fast and reliable rendering at scale. 

“We’re thrilled to bring the Conductor team and development resources under the CoreWeave banner as we collaborate with the shared goal to help shape the future of cloud-based technology.” 
— Michael Intrator, CoreWeave CEO

The acquisition grows CoreWeave to more than 90 employees, with CEO of Conductor Technologies Mac Moore now heading up the Media and Entertainment division of CoreWeave under the purview of CoreWeave CEO, Michael Intrator.

Looking for burst rendering in the cloud? Talk to our experts at CoreWeave and Conductor Technologies today.

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