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One-Click to Deploy Large Scale Training in Minutes with Determined AI and CoreWeave

One-Click to Deploy Large Scale Training in Minutes with Determined AI and CoreWeave

Determined AI delivers a powerful software stack that trains AI models significantly faster, at any scale, using an open-source ML platform.

Determined is a deep learning training platform that makes building models fast and easy. With high-performance distributed training, state-of-the-art hyperparameter tuning, GPU scheduling, and model management in a single integrated environment, Determined lets researchers and scientists focus on building models, not managing infrastructure.

One-click deploy has projects up and running in seconds, plus Determined has made it super simple to set-up, configure, manage and share workstations or AI clusters that run on-premises or in the cloud.

     – Track and reproduce experiments              – Build more accurate models

     – Get more out of each GPU                                  – Improve developer productivity

     – Speed up time-to-market                                   – Improve resource utilization

     – Reduce risk

Why This Integration Matters: CoreWeave clients have access to tons of Determined AI resources, available with one click: just integrate a bit of code and your project will be up and running in seconds.

With the variety and scale of GPU compute resources available, CoreWeave’s infrastructure is a perfect fit for training large models. With the Determined AI integration, it is now easier than ever to deploy. 

CoreWeave clients can access the resources they need, on-demand, at a fraction of the cost compared to mega-cloud providers. Training AI models is often the first step startups take before launching a new product, and most large cloud providers charge a crippling amount for access to high-powered GPUs. 

With this integration, startups can choose between GPUs – including A100s and A40s available at scale – on CoreWeave, to optimize training for speed and efficiency while achieving a better performance adjusted-cost, while leveraging Determined AI’s open source platform to deploy training workloads quickly and efficiently.

Once deployed, the platform consumes minimal resources and incurs minimal cost. No GPU resources are consumed unless experiments are running, which prevents resource waste and idle compute, compared to running experiments in Virtual Machines. 

Make Better Use of CoreWeave Infra Faster: Determined AI on CoreWeave supports multi GPU and multi-node distributed training out of the box. The platform comes with support for many popular frameworks, including GPT-Neo-X to train and finetune the EleutherAI 20B model.

Put Determined AI and CoreWeave to Work for You

Click here to see how you can install Determined.AI. Our Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Rahul Talari, demonstrates deploying Determined AI on CoreWeave as well as running multiple training jobs ranging from 16 to 96 parallel GPUs.

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