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Performant, Flexible Object Storage - Now Available on CoreWeave Cloud

Performant, Flexible Object Storage - Now Available on CoreWeave Cloud

Introducing CoreWeave Object Storage

  • Simple pricing: $0.03 / GB per month, with no access or transfer fees
  • Available in all CoreWeave data center regions
  • S3 compatible API, including encryption at rest (SSE)
  • Available NVMe accelerated option, supporting multiple terabits per second of throughput and incredible auto scaling

CoreWeave Object Storage provides a simple and powerful storage solution for clients who wish to store and retrieve high volumes of unstructured data with no hidden fees.

CoreWeave clients can use object storage to store asset data, static files, metadata and other files that just don’t make sense to put into block or shared file systems. Plus,they will  pay for only the assets they store, with no resizing needed. 

VFX Studios can use object storage for static assets and metadata within their cloud native production pipelines. Pixel Streaming customers can use it to store game data and other items when they need to spin up new clients. All of this, directly from any S3 compatible SDK, or via simple tools like curl.

CoreWeave Object Storage integrates into many existing AI/ML applications, and data storage solutions, including LucidLink and Weka, and provides simpler access for those who don’t want or don’t need a shared file system.

Simple, Fast and Flexible

CoreWeave’s Object Storage offering provides highly scalable, performant access to data via HTTPS, and is S3 compatible out of the box, meaning we adhere to the S3 standard and work with all existing S3 client libraries and SDKs.

Unlike AWS, which has a global uniqueness constraint on bucket names, CoreWeave Object Storage offers independent clusters which allow users to create identical buckets in each region. CoreWeave clients are free to use any regional Object Storage endpoint and create and use buckets as they wish.

Our Accelerated Cache for Object Storage provides greater increases in read throughput, latency, and overall performance of our clients’ applications. By providing NVMe-backed regional caches, CoreWeave’s Object Storage provides extremely fast data pulls from any CoreWeave data center region. When using our caches, clients don’t  need to worry about deploying to the same region that their data is stored in –  they can have instant, scalable access from any region thanks to CoreWeave Cloud’s HPC networking. 


CoreWeave Object Storage is a more cost-performant storage solution at $0.03 / GB per month, compared with $0.04 / GB per month for HDD block and shared file system storage. Unlike other providers, CoreWeave doesn’t charge for the privilege of having access to the service, and only charges for the data our clients store. No operation fees, no egress fees.

In conclusion, CoreWeave Object Storage allows for:

  • Tremendous scalability, without limits
  • Faster data retrieval and more flexibility
  • A considerable reduction in data storage costs, with no hidden fees

CoreWeave’s Object Storage offering is currently in beta. For more information, please visit our Object Storage Documentation or contact our team to get started.

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