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Introducing LGA1: CoreWeave’s Cutting Edge Data Center in NYC

Introducing LGA1: CoreWeave’s Cutting Edge Data Center in NYC

Why It Matters: Through our new, ultramodern data center on the Hudson River, businesses across the East Coast can take advantage of CoreWeave’s ultra-low latency virtual workstations, broad fleet of GPUs and industry-leading pricing.

The Details: Located at the mouth of the Lincoln Tunnel, LGA1 provides ultra-low latency to the 20 million+ inhabitants across the NYC metropolitan area, including sub 1ms latency to Manhattan. This ISO 27001 certified, SSAE 18 SOC 2 compliant, Energy Star Certified campus is packed with NVIDIA GPU accelerated Cloud Instances, including the Quadro RTX series, the newest RTX Ampere workstation and A40 data center GPUs.

In addition to nearly unlimited GPU compute and availability, LGA1 is also loaded with CPU-only instances as well as high performance Block and Shared File System storage. With a Tier 1 internet backbone, LGA1 is built for low latency, serving compute-intensive use cases with the ultimate standards in performance, reliability and security.

GPU Instance Regional Availability

CPU Instance Regional Availability

With this new addition, CoreWeave’s 3 data centers provide low latency access to accelerated compute across all of North America. Each of our data centers, including our campus in Las Vegas, have redundant 200Gbps+ public internet connectivity from Tier 1 global carriers and are connected to each other with 400Gbps+ of dark fiber transport to allow for easy, free transfers of data within CoreWeave Cloud.

Try LGA1 today by launching a Virtual Server from the CoreWeave Cloud UI. It's easy to schedule your workloads, whether they're containerized micro-services or Virtual Servers in any of CoreWeave's US regions with our easy to use region selector.

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